The Chore Solution: Making Families Better By Working Together

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New Book Answers Every Parens Problem: How to Maintain a Happier Household While Balancing Money and Sanity


Being a parent is not easy. One has to balance between spending too much money and making sure that their children have the things they need—and sometimes want. Several parents ask: “How can we get them all to be motivated to do chores and do it fairly so the work is spread evenly?” Authors Jason J. and Ann Cowan answer, “we don’t—they do.” In their book, The Chore Solution: Making Families Better by Working Together, they explain further.

Parents of four boys themselves, Mr. and Mrs. Cowan have had their own share of headaches and confusion—the house is a mess, there is a shortage of clean clothes, there is always a new video game or the latest toy or trend that their children must have, preventing them to feel left out. Being fed up and feeling like bad parents, they created a solution—a process based from their experiences and several other parents’ experiences.

The Chore Solution: Making Families Better by Working Together is the answer to the dilemma many parents encounter. It presents seven different challenges as well as the corresponding answers for each and offers practical suggestions on how parents can get their children to help around the house. By following the plan in this book, Parents can put an end to the constant battle they are facing—trying to get their children motivated, more goal oriented, and more responsible from within.

Packed with tables, charts, and activities, this no-nonsense book is recommended to all parents wanting to teach their children good work habits and enhance their self-confidence.



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